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This site is mainly intented to be a source of information for Finnish CRS applicants and their parents, as well as the teachers taking care of the pre-selection process. The site also provides some information on us, the Camp Rising Sun Alumni Association of Finland. Most of the content is, as you can see, in Finnish. However, we've compiled here a brief introduction to our association. Let's see...

Fast Facts

Camp Rising Sun Alumni Association of Finland is one of the most active CRS alumni organizations in Europe - in the world, as a matter of fact. Finland has sent representatives to CRS since 1946 - now the alumni consists of more than 50 living members, and new ones join us every year. We hold our annual official meetings at least twice a year, but there's also a lot of informal social interaction such as parties, movie nights, picnics and so on. The action is mainly concentrated in the Helsinki area, but as we have alumni representatives all over the country, we try to organize events elsewhere in Finland as well, whenever possible. We have also organized a worldwide CRS alumni reunion - it took place in the summer of 2000 in Espoo, Southern Finland. The weekend-long reunion hosted about 60 alumni from all over the world.
To find out the chairperson of the year, please see our Contact Information page.

The Camper Selection

In Finland, the CRSAAF completely takes care of the camper selection process. In the beginning, it was the Ministry of Education that would select the campers, but the alumni's been arranging the selections already for several decades now. In the beginning of every year, after the camps in USA and Europe have sent us camper invitations, we begin the pre-selection process, which involves contacting several schools all over Finland. We send the selection material, including the application forms, to dozens of schools and ask for the teachers to give the applications to pupils they find suitable (according to the guidelines we send them, including the Mission Statement of CRS) - preferably only one applicant per school. A selection committee, which usually consists of the current Board and some extra members, examines all the received applications and picks 3-5 most suitable candidates for a final interview. The interview consist of many different modules from group work to presentations in English and personal interviews. The process takes quite a bit of time and effort, but it's been worth it!

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So, did you actually come to read the English section only to find an old Finnish alumni friend? The complete list of the Finnish alumni can be found here. In case you are looking for someone's contact infomation, please feel free to ask. And thanks for visiting - come back soon!